Amazon Exclusive Funko PoP! Millennium Falcon with Han Solo

By now the crew at Scavenger’s Holocron is sure you have heard about this new release coming out October 1st, 2019.  We are sure that you have seen the photos of the release.

Well here is our official article about this Amazon exclusive Funko PoP!

Information from Amazon:

  • This Funko Pop! Deluxe recreates the Millenium Falcon in stunning detail and features Han Solo at the helm of the iconic ship.
  • This item will surely become the centerpiece of your Funko Pop! Star Wars collection!
  • The figure measures 5. 5″ tall, is 10. 5″ wide and 13. 25″ long and come in a window box display.
  • Don’t miss out on your chance to own the ship that made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs as only Funko can deliver!

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I’m excited about this PoP! and can understand why it would be considered the “centerpiece” of your Funko PoP! Star Wars Collection.  This thing is huge.  By far the largest Star Wars Funko PoP!  This will be on the scale of the 10-inch figures that we have seen in the past.  Except this one will be shorter but wider in both width and length then we have previously seen. This thing would look nice out of the box sitting in the center of your collection of PoP! figures.

The downside to this PoP! is the cost. At a price of $64.99, this is by far the most expensive Star Wars Funko PoP! we have seen released.  Yes, there are figures selling for a higher price than this on the secondary markets, but out the gate on release this Star Wars Funko PoP! is the most expensive I am aware of.

Let’s hope that due to its size, Amazon decides to take care when packaging these for delivery.

With a release like this, it makes you wonder what else Funko has in store for Star Wars fans. Will we see a Death Star? Maybe Anakin’s Star Fighter? What about a Star Destroyer?

Now only if it was large enough to switch out Han for other PoP! figures!

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