Canto Bight – 1st Story Down

I was hoping to move through this book at a faster pace that what I have been but as is life, other things win out.

I did however just finish up with the first story in the book Rules Of The Game by Saladin Ahmed.  Not sure what I was expecting with these stories and if they would give us any insight into the new film coming out next week but basically in this first story we just get to find out some details that we might have otherwise over looked in the movie.

We might have seen a tree in the movie and never realized it was a tree from Alderaan or that those plants there aren’t native to Cantonica.

We might not have known that the city of Canto Bight was once just desert.

We all knew Canto Bight was a casino city and you probably imagine it looking a bit like Las Vegas but grander.  You probably imagined the scum and villiainy that takes place in a setting like that and we get a chance to see it here.

Basically I feel like the details shared in this first story are going to help our subconscious piece together some of the background details that we see but don’t really focus on that just merge the film togeher.

Now the story itself was entertaining and I found it an easy read.  We might not ever see or meet these characters again but the roll they play and the information we gleam have a roll to play as we continue our Journey to The Last Jedi.

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