Doctor Aphra #14

32 pages

This week was a little better than last weeks in regards to Star Wars Comics releases.  We got both Doctor Aphra #14 and Darth Vader #8.  In regards to Doctor Aphra #14, this is the start of a new story arc and boy does it seem explosive.  This story arc is going by the name “Remastered”.

Support your local comic shop and head out today to pick up this new story.  No time like the present time to get caught up with Star Wars canon and what better time than during the start of a new story arc.

Spoilers Ahead

You were warned

This issue features Doctor Aphra running into a past foe, Magna Tolvan, former Captain on Someilk, The Outer Rim.  Doctor Aphra is on a mission to retrieve some Clone War Era data when things don’t go exactly as she thought was planned.  We get a few surprises out of this issue just as much as Doctor Aphra manages to get.

This issue was a fast pace and quick read.  Whether you know the back story on the characters or not they quickly fill you in on enough of the story to keep you moving forward, but wanting you to retrace your steps and read the previous comics as well.  There is a lot of action right out the gate, some humor throw in here and there, and a surprise that you will have to wait and read for yourself.

The artwork in this issue is amazing.  I love the use of the colors and the contrasting colors make some of the frames really stand out.  The story is great and quick to entertain.  I look forward to where they take this story and in general the comic as we move into the future.

Overall I give this comic a 8/10.

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