Episode IX Working Title

While we don’t know the official title of Star Wars Episode IV, we have found out the “working title” for the movie and that is Black Diamond.

Black Diamond? you ask what does that mean.  Well for the most part, out of the past three released movies and one unreleased movie none of the working titles have meant much to us viewers.  Here is a list of the movies and their working titles that we have seen so far.

  • The Force Awakens = AVCO
  • Rogue One = Los Alamos
  • The Last Jedi = Space Bear
  • Solo = Red Cup

The only one on the list that really gives away anything is Los Alamos which is the name of a town in New Mexico.  Los Alamos is also known as the birthplace of the atomic bomb.  This is where the US tested it’s nuclear bomb from the Manhattan Project.  It might not have given us much insight prior to the release of Rogue One, but looking back we can understand how the working title tied into the movie with the destruction of Scarif and the Holy City of Jedha by a massive super weapon.

Lets hope as production on the movie moves forward that we can discover what the name might mean.

Lets us know your thoughts in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Episode IX Working Title

  1. Black Diamond: The toughest level of skiing/snowboarding, representing courses that are the hardest to navigate safely. Multiple obstacles exist in the path, whether natural or manmade, and it is a feat of skill to arrive safely at the end.

    A rather fitting image, given the state of the Galaxy following The Last Jedi.

  2. I know that Black Diamond has been used in reference to coal.

    And it’s a Kiss song about a prostitute named “Black Diamond.”

    Just tossing it out there….

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