Meet Derrick

Hey guys my name is Derrick.  I’m a family man that just happens to love Star Wars.  With the rebirth of the Star Wars Universe after the purchase by Disney from LucasFilms it helped to reignite my love for Star Wars.  Not only could I finally start off fresh with the current canon, I could introduce my kids to the world of Star Wars.  This I will say has not gone unnoticed.

I hope to share my love of Star Wars with not only my family but to be a bigger part of the Star Wars fandom that is out there.

My main focus these days besides trying to keep up with the Star Wars books and comics is collecting the Star Wars Funko PoP! and Star Wars Lego sets, especially the mini figures.  I’m a keep it in the box type collector and it drives my family mad.

I love when a new Star Wars movie comes out because not only do I get to take the wife to the theater to see it so that we can “approve” it for the little ones, then I get to take my son to see the movie.  Gives me reasons to see it multiple times and to help support all those that are involved with putting the movie together.

I’m not sure when my love for Star Wars developed, I guess I would have to say I remember watching it with my dad growing up.  All my friends in school new I was that Star Wars nerd and grew to enjoy it as well.

Favorite Star Wars movie: A New Hope
Favorite non-Star Wars movie: Deadpool
Fun Fact about Me: I’m a completionist, when I start collecting I want to make sure that I have each and everyone available, all the variants no minor how the details.

Feel free to find me on Twitter & Instagram.