MTFBWY displays new Solo Pops

Earlier today, the May the Funko Be With You Instagram page and FunkoFinderz released a first look at the new Solo pops. It looks like these will be the first 11 commons, with more exclusives soon to follow. They’ve already been able to identify a Target exclusive (DCPI: 323-01-1699) that looks to be retailing at 8.99, and there will probably be information about a Walmart exclusive being released soon as well.

With the movie dropping in May, more information should be available in the next few weeks.

Happy hunting!


238 – Han Solo
239 – Chewbacca
240 – Lando Calrissian
241 – Qu’Ra
242 – Tobias Beckett
243 – Val
244 – Rio Durant
245 – L3-37
246 – Range Trooper
247 – Enfys Nest
248 – Mudtrooper

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