Obi-Wan Movie Set for December 2020

Good news at last! Although there aren’t any names attached to the project just yet, Fantha Tracks is able to reveal in a special exclusive that pre-production has officially begun for the long-awaited Obi-Wan Kenobi film, tentatively set to release in December 2020.

Principal photography is expected to start January 2019, with the main shooting to start in April 2019, and although no names have been attached the project, there are rumors that Stephen Daldry might be attached to the project as director. There are also rumors that a writing team has been working on the movie since late last year, but nothing can be confirmed at this time.

What we do know is that Fantha Tracks was able to confirm that an art department is in pre-production at Pinewood Studios and Industrial Light and Magic. Contracts have been extended to workers who have worked under other Star Wars projects there, which is no surprise, considering that a feature extra on The Force Awakens Blu-Ray revealed that many of the workers worked on, or had family that worked on, the original trilogy at Pinewood when it was first being constructed there. Ironically, Fantha dropped this news five years to the day that Lucasfilm announced that production for The Force Awakens was taken place at Pinewood Studios, which is Force-levels of coincidence.

While Ewan McGregor hasn’t been confirmed for the project just yet, he’s not far from the franchise. His appearance at the Solo premiere shows that he is still extremely interested in the franchise and he has expressed interest in appearing in an Obi-Wan film several times throughout the years.

But how long must we wait until Disney makes it official? That’s anyone’s guess.



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