Official SWGOH Guild

Just wanted to share that Scavenger’s Holocron has decided to start it’s own official Star Wars Galaxy of Heros Guild.

Here Is the invite to the Discord Server.  This should dump you out on the Welcome page of the server where you can read out to us and request to join the guild.  Be aware that we are new and in so there will be some growing pains. But with a mix of players from new to old, we should be able to grow together and enjoy the game.

Requirements: (because we have to have these)

Join Discord Server-Easiest way to communicate. It’s available by app or by a website.

Daily Activity-Just let us know ahead of time that you will be MIA

Constant Improvement-We want to see you improve as a player and to help the progress of the Guild.  Without everyone improving the Guild as a whole will not improve.  The higher battles and task we can perform the better gear we will receive that is required for higher level characters.

Level-while I would love to have a guild of high-level players, at this point we just want to help everyone and enjoy the game.

Have fun!


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