Princess Leia – Walmart Exclusive

So on Force Friday this year, it seemed that most people ran up short on the #218 Princess Leia Funko PoP! figure.  From the reports I saw, it seemed as if a lot of stores were hit or miss on this figure.  If your store had her then you had a lot of her, if your store did not have her well then going online was not an option as she appeared to be one of the figures missing from the Walmart website.


Well that my friends has appeared to change.  Found today from multiple people is the Walmart Exclusive Princess Leia.  My guess is to pick her up now, better sooner than later, as she might end up selling out.  Click Here to grab your Exclusive today. It’s at a great price as well.  Cheaper than what they are selling PoP! figures in the store for.  I think my local stores sell them for $8.98.  Combine it with the Walmart Exclusive X-Wing 3 Pack and get yourself some free shipping.  At the very least have it shipped to your local Walmart for free and pick it up there.

Not sure what Walmart is doing to earn so many Exclusives lately…but keep up the good work and please work on your distribution to all your stores or at least one store in a particular city.


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