Rogue One (Graphic Novel Adaptation) Review

I was able to pick up this release last week at my local comic shop and now that I have sat down to read through it, I can say that I am very pleased with this adaptation.  The story hits the important parts and if you have seen the movie you know what takes place in between what we don’t see in the the this adaptation.  The dialogue sticks to the important stuff and leaves the fluff from the movie out.  I will say however that the humor we experience in the movie just isn’t the same when you are reading the dialogue and looking at a single picture.  The movie scenes and the voices from the actors really do those lines justice specially when it comes to K-2SO.

On the plus side if someone has never seen the movie, the plot is easy to follow in this graphic adaptation.

This is a good read for any age, young or old, I think everyone would enjoy looking through this book.

The artwork is incredible, the colors are rich and there is much detail in the pages.  The way the characters are drawn is true to their likeness and fun.  Just genuine fun!

There is so much included in the artwork that makes the limited dialogue so understandable.

Overall its a quick read if your attempting to just get through it, but if you stop to enjoy the artwork and style then it can add some time to your adventure.

Really the only thing I didn’t care for with this book is the tight binding.  Maybe it just needs to be broken in some and then it will be easier to flip through the pages.  As of right now with a crisp book you struggle to read some of the dialogue bubbles as the go into the binding areas of the book.

Get out to your local comic shop and pick up this book.  Its 70 pages of fun and at $9.99 it’s well worth it in my opinion.   IDW is doing some great stuff as far as the stories they are telling and the artwork they are producing.  I look forward to what they do in the future.  Marvel has some competition on it’s hands.

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