Say Goodbye, Again

Well if you have been watching your emails over the past week you probably got a notice from Amazon announcing the ending of the beloved Smuggler’s Bounty box.

What this means for the shipment box, we have no idea. Funko stopped releasing the box themselves back in 2018 and Amazon took over the subscription service for the Star Wars box.  Is another retailer going to pick it up? Are they done with it?  Was the Rise of Skywalker the death of Smuggler’s Bounty? Or were the fans just done with it?

There are some cryptic messages to be picked out of the full announcement above.  “No one’s ever really gone…” Does this mean we will see more of this box?   “Keep an eye out for more exciting……” Does this possibly mean a relaunch under a different name?  Maybe a Funko PoP! only shipment box without the other stuff we really didn’t want anyway?

Stay tuned and if we find out any other information for you we will let you guys know.


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