SDCC 2020 Star Wars Funko

On July 22nd, 2020 (that’s today) at 5 p.m. PDT, Funko will go live with the SDCC Exclusives.  This will be your chance to pick up any of the San Diego Comic-Con Funko PoPs! that you might be interested in, specifically the Star Wars Sith Jet Trooper.

Here is a snippet from Funko’s website. I’m not sure if all the SDCC Exclusives will go live at once or if they will do them one by one or if they will release them in groups.  It does appear that they have been working to fight the use of bots, but there are no details in reference to that. Probably best to keep that under wraps so that “customers” don’t find ways to circumvent the system.  There appears to be a 1 of each item per customer unless there are exclusives left over after the show.

Then on Thursday the 23rd it appears that you can go out and pick up your store exclusive variants of the SDCC Funko PoPs!.  In reference to the #383 Sith Jet Trooper you will find the SDCC Shared Exclsuive on Amazon

For more information in regards to Funko’s SDCC exclusives you can go to their page and read all about it.

Find more info at

If we find the links to either of these items then we will attempt to post them here!


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