SDCC Star Wars Funko PoP! Exclusives

Quick glance with links to some of the 2019 SDCC Star Wars Funko PoP! that are available this weekend.


  #297 Boba Fett (Green Chrome)

Yet another chrome figure to add to your collection. Not a huge fan of this release design. I personally feel like its just another way that Funko is making grabs at the Completionist group (those of us that have to have every figure made for a complete collection).  I personally would rather see them release

This is an Amazon exclusive and you can follow this link to get your own Boba Fett (Green Chrome) today…..or two days if you have Amazon Prime.









#124 Yoda

Again not a fan of these chrome variants.  Wish they would have spent the time and effort into creating a new figure versus using an old mold and just giving it a new paint job.


You can find him here.












Now here is the holy grail of SDCC Star Wars Funko PoP! figures.  This one is only available for purchase at SDCC, the first time in a long time that a PoP figure was not available in a store with a “convention” sticker on it.  If you are not at SDCC then you are going to have to pick this guy up on the secondary market and I’m gonna take a guess that it’s not gonna be cheap.




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