Star Wars #38

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Hot off the press today came Star Wars #38.  This was the only Star Wars comic released this week and is the start of a new story call “The Ashes of Jedha”.

Support your local comic shop and head out today to pick up this new story.  No time like the present time to get caught up with Star Wars canon and what better time than during the start of a new story arc.


Spoilers Ahead


You were warned

I was excited to pick up this comic today and revisit the planet of Jedha and to see how bad the devastation was post Death Star test firing.  I was curious at the extent of the damage and we get to see it right here in this comic.  If you were curious at who survived, we find out a few of the characters we already know and saw from Rogue One make it on to live another day.

We see Luke and Leia visit the planet of Jedha to meet up with what is left of Saw Gerrera’s band of Partisans as they try to persuade them into joining the Alliance.  We are also introduced to some new characters both of the Partisans and of the Empire.  Luke and Leia save a couple of Partisans that are fighting the Empire on what remains of Jedha so that they can enter the inner circle and talk with the leaders of the Partisans.  All the while the Empire is trying to continue it’s operation of collecting kyber crystals from what remains.

In all honesty this comic was a little dry for my taste.  The story seems slow and there is not much action to be seen in the pages of this issue.  I’m hoping they are just laying a some ground work and that in future issues of this story arc things pick up.  As far as the artwork there are some amazing parts and others that are lack luster.  I’m not a fan of the way they are doing the character’s faces, almost as if they are done digitally and then entered in over the hand drawn and colored stuff.  In fact in some of the frames I feel like the who characters body was done digitally and then placed into the frame post background.   At times the Falcon appears this way as well. I will admit there are some vibrant colors in this issue that contrast in a great way with some of the darker frames.

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The cover of this issue was excellent. Its got the red hue from what we are seeing leading into the The Last Jedi material.  It gives you that omniscience feel knowing that we are returning to Jedha and what the planet went through in Rogue One even if they are not trying to use the color as a tie in.   I enjoyed seeing the tie fighters weave their way through the book title and you can catch the faint outline of a Imperial ship if you look closely.  We see Luke standing on a barren landscape and he looks ready to fight.   The one catch is the blonde shaggy hair of Luke while in the comic his hair is darker and well groomed but I understand Comic covers are done by different artist and they tend to vary in style with what we expect to see in the comic itself, so I won’t hold that against them.

Now I will be the first to admit that I am no expert at drawing or coloring comics and this may be the way of the future or at least the way of the artist.

Overall I give this issue a 5/10.

Find more information at the Marvel Site or at Previews World Site regarding this comic.  Also check out other past and upcoming releases in the Star Wars Universe.

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Stay tuned for Star Wars Issue #39 and Part 2 of “The Ashes of Jedha” story on 11.22.17



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