Star Wars BattleFront II Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition

                                                        Photo from EA website

 Hopefully by now you have heard about the new Star Wars Battle Front II game that will be making its debut on November 17, 2017.  Hopefully by now you have pre-ordered the game either for pickup when it releases or to download it direct to your console or computer.

A lot of stores will end up having this game release at midnight that night.  I spoke with my local GameStop and they stated they will be calling those that preordered the game to let them know what that store is doing.  My store also mentioned coming in for the “pre-ring” prior to the midnight release so that things go more smoothly on pick up.  Hopefully when they call I will get more information regarding that transaction as of yesterday the time was TBD.

I personally pre-ordered my copy on the PS4 months ago and have not thought much more about it other than watching new trailers and following up on some information that rolled out here and there.   With this being considered canon, I did not want to know to much ahead of time that might ruin the experience for me.

               Photo from EA website.

What really caught my attention was last week, I received an email from GameStop that I could get “advance access if I upgraded to the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition.  

I happened to be in the area of my local store, that I pre-ordered from, and stepped in for a couple minutes to speak with them.

What I found out was that the regular game is selling for $59.99 and that for a $20 upgrade, which would put the game at $79.99, that I could get a fee extras in content for the game which may or may not put me ahead of the next player when playing multiplayer. The big kicker for me was that I get to play the game 3 days sooner than the normal release.  So while you could be waiting to play until the 17th of November, I will be playing it on the 14th of November.  That again may or may not put me ahead of the next player when playing multiplayer, at least for a couple days.  If things go as planned I will have an article about the game before the official release on November 17th.

So consider updating your pre-order before its too late.  There was no additional cost when I did it, still just $5 down.  If you have not pre-ordered the game your gonna miss out on the early play but your more than likely gonna be able to pick it up at any of the other stores that will sure to have it in stock and plenty of them.

For more information head over to and catch up on the game yourself.

                                                                                                 Photos from EA website
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