Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

On March 31, 2020, you can finally own The Skywalker Saga in one collection only available at Best Buy.  Follow the link, here, and pre-order your collection today.  For the first time and as a Best Buy exclusive you can get all 9 films of The Skywalker Saga in one large collector’s edition.  The set includes 27 Disc (both Blu-Ray and 4k Ultra HD), a book, and a letter from Mark Hamill.  This set also includes digital copies of each movie so you can watch on the go.  This set will cost $249.99.

It does appear that those overseas (UK)can pick up their own copy for £199.99 with a release date of April 20, 2020 on Amazon found here. (At this point it does not appear the link will take you directly to the set but keep looking for updates).

This is a limited edition set and at this time we do not know if they will be numbered or to how many this set will be limited to.

This set comes with the 4k versions of the original Star Wars movies as seen on Disney+, this does not include the original cuts.  You will get 9 discs (one per movie) that are Blu-Ray, you will get 9 discs (one per movie) that are 4k Ultra HD, and 9 discs containing 26 hours worth of in-depth special features.

Note: This is The Skywalker story only and does not include the Rogue One or Solo movies.

What you choose to do with your other copies of the movies is up to you!


3 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

  1. I think I would prefer to limit my Skwalker family experience to the six movies made by George Lucas . . . and maybe “SOLO”.

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