The Last Jedi Novel News

DelRay’s Instagram, found here, showed us on Friday that the dust jackets for the novelization of The Last Jedi have arrived and they have shown us a sneak peak of the jacket.

We also find out via Instagram that there is going to be the mass released “extended edition” of the novel and then there is going to be a “exclusive” version released at the Emerald City Comic Con.  For more info on Emerald City Comic Con, check out their site…..and chances are your gonna have to be present to pick up that “exclusive” version or plan on paying premium prices on the secondary markets.

Also we find out this week over at Star Wars Books on Facebook, that Rian Johnson worked to help create new content for the novelization of The Last Jedi.  So if you enjoyed the movie then you’re in for a treat and if you hated what Rian Johnson did to the movie then you will probably wanna skip over this read.

Watch the video below for more info on the post above!


If you plan to read the novel and haven’t picked it up yet, check out Amazon and preorder it today.

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