Walmart Exclusive X-Wing Luke Available

Yesterday, along with the Walmart Exclusive Death Star 3-Pack, Funko also released the X-Wing Luke Pop Ride that many people have been waiting for. You can click here to pick up yours for 24.98, just a little bit more than the Death Star 3-pack, but expected for a Pop Ride. If you purchase both, you are eligible for free shipping due to Walmart’s $35+ free shipping policy, but as with shipping from any retailer, there’s no guarantee that some shipping damage won’t occur. Unfortunately, unlike the Death Star 3-pack, the X-Wing Luke has not yet been seen in stores, and so buying one online may be the only way to get one.

Click here to purchase. Like the 3-pack, it’s been appearing in and out of stock all day, so if it shows out of stock, just keep refreshing! Happy hunting!

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