X-Wing 3-Pack Walmart Exclusive

Walmart Exclusive X-Wing 3 Pack went live today.  This 3 pack contains some of your favorite fighter pilots; Wedge, Biggs, & Porkins.  Pick it up while you can.  My understanding is the Walmart site has been weird all day with this sale.  They haven’t even updated the photo yet on the site as seen below.   Check here to see if you can snag one yourself.  

I personally have seen it for sale one minute and then the next minute the site says it is “Out of Stock”.  There have been some complaints of people getting it into their cart only to find it “SOLD OUT” moments later.  So be patient and keep refreshing that screen.  It appears to be coming back every so often, of course not as quickly as it sales out.

Throw a little something extra in the cart and earn yourself some free shipping. In fact throw in the Walmart Exclusive Princess Leia to earn yourself the free shipping.  At the moment it does not appear to be available for ship to store or store pick up.  Lets hope that changes and Walmart gets their site refreshed and running smoother.  Let’s hope this is not going to be a ONLINE ONLY WALMART EXCLUSIVE.

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